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Available Products
*Here's How Children Learn Speech and Language: A Text on Different Learning Strategies (available through or

Available through our Online Store:
*Learning Strategies for Academic Success & SLPs 
*Response to Intervention for SLPs 
*Phonemic and Phonological Awareness through Visual Phonics (flash drive with video)
Coming Soon: Collaboration Among Teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists - Language Based Learning Disorders
Pediatric Services
Courter Communications offers private and group sessions with the following specialized services:
  • Evaluation of speech and language disorders 
  • Language disorders and the impact on learning and academic success
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Margo Kinzer Courter is a national presenter on this diagnosis)
  • Social skills and pragmatic language
  • Executive Function (organization, planning, prioritizing)
  • Articulation disorders
Adult/Corporate Services
Courter Communications offers the following services to individuals and through corporate services for those wanting to improve their communication skills.
  • Enhancing business communication skills 
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Foreign Accent Reduction for non-native English speakers
  • Regional Accent Reduction for native English speakers
    • Presentation Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Voice Projection
    • Confidence Building

    Location of Services
     Courter Communications is located just north of 465 on Michigan Road.  

    (not in the Courter Communications offices) services are available for corporate consulting,
    school and clinic consultations, clinic management or presentations to your group. 

    If your child attends a private school on the Northwest side of
    Indianapolis consideration would be given to providing services at the school, if permitted by the school. We are currently providing services at The Orchard School, St. Monica Catholic School, St. Luke's Catholic School, and St. Richard's Episcopal School.

    Our Mission       
    Courter Communications, LLC is dedicated to providing excellent speech and language services that 
    meets each client’s individual needs.  Services are provided in an environment that 
    enhances the opportunity to learn new skills and readily apply them.  

    Each person is unique in personality, as well as learning style, which is respected and
    nurtured for his or her success.

    Courter Communications, LLC
    Certified Speech-Language Pathologists

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