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Margo Kinzer Courter, Author, National Presenter and Speech-Language Pathologist, offers 1/2 day, full day and multiday workshops and seminars.  She presents a hands on learning experience full of practical ideas that are easily implemented into your therapy practices.

Topics Available at Your Workplace, State and Regional Conferences, and Special Interest Groups
  • How to Improve Your Presentation Skills -  This hands on workshop targets adults who want to improve their ability to present.  This includes skills needed for business meetings to large audience presentations.
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Evaluation and Practical Treatment Strategies - This presentation provides the framework for evaluating CAS based on ASHA's 2007 position statement on this disorder.  Treatment strategies include proven approaches and strategies for effective remediation.
  • Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Language Therapy - This workshop provides effective and easy to implement strategies for the morphology, phonology, syntax, pragmatics and supra linguistic skills.
  • Hidden Language Disorders: Looking for a Needle in the Haystack - This seminar provides assessment and treatment strategies for areas that may be included in a language processing disorder including retrieval, short term memory, auditory discrimination, and executive function..
  • The Three Tiers of Vocabulary - Based on Beck,McGowan and Kucan's work on vocabulary acquisition, this seminar provides practical techniques for increasing basic concepts, high frequency and curriculum based vocabulary skills. **** Great for Teachers and Resource Teachers!
  • The Psychologist Calls It a Language Processing Disorder: What it is and How we treat it - Psychologists will often state in their reports that the student has a language processing disorder. Learn what they consider a processing disorder and how we can effectively treat it.
  • Common Core State and Academic Standards and Speech-Language Pathologist- This seminar links our goals with your state academic standards.  It offers a problem solving day regarding the goals we choose, the standards they link to and are we choosing the best goals for academic success.
  • Phonemic and Phonological Awareness through Visual Phonics - Margo Kinzer Courter has designed a visual phonics program for all English sounds.  This program is used to support phonemic awareness, sound-symbol learning, retrieval for sounds and letters, and phonological awareness skills (rhyming, blending, segmenting, and manipulating sounds).
Other topics available upon request
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