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   Consulting*Speech*Language*Learning Services
Corporate Consulting:
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Speech & Language Evaluations & Treatment

Individual Evaluations & Therapy targeting:

     Language Processing &

      Language Disorders 

      Word Retrieval

      Speech Disorders (Articulation, Phonological Processing  and Childhood Apraxia of Speech)

        Oral Motor/Feeding


Groups: (offered during the school year) 
Study Group
 (4th-high school)
Mondays 5:00-6:30
Thursdays 5:15-6:45
Students bring in school assignments as the tool to gain visual graphic strategies to assist with language, metalinguistic (reasoning, auditory and reading comprehension, and executive function skills (planning, organizing, time management).  Skills that they can generalize to other assignments and skills to use throughout their academic career
Language and Literacy (1st-3rd grade)
Tuesdays 4:15-5:45
This  group  focuses on researched based strategies to assist struggling readers including phonics and sound discrimination, high frequency words, word families, reading and writing
* PreK & Kindergarten : Not scheduled at this time.  Please call if interested.

Let's Get Together: Social Communication and Language Group
Not currently being offered.  Please inquire if interested.

Summer Camp 2018 was a blast!  Travel through Time was a huge success with a lot of learning and a lot of fun.  We look forward to Summer Camp 2019.
Would love your ideas on a theme for the next camp!

Consultations and Ongoing Management Services
Margo Kinzer Courter provides consultations and advocacy to assist individual students or to adapt the learning environment for all students.

Margo also earned her MBA in 1998 and provides organizational leadership to a variety of settings through strategic and business planning as well as corporate consulting to enhance the effectiveness of speaking.


Workshops & Seminar
s available by Margo
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