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Corporate Services

Corporate Speech Trainers (also called Corporate Speech Pathologists) can help employees thrive and grow within your business or organization. The result of professional speech training can be: improved speaking confidence; clearer pronunciation; more natural speech rhythm, voice inflection, and cadence; and more effective communication skills as a team member. When communication improves in the workplace, relationships and rapport often improve between co-workers, as well as between employees and customers or clients. In the end, everyone benefits and your business is likely to see improved customer loyalty and a better “bottom line.” ("CORSPAN 2016")

Our corporate and individual consulting services include:

    • Foreign Accent Reduction for non-native English speakers
    • Regional Accent Reduction for native English speakers
    • Presentation Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Voice Projection
    • Confidence Building

Please contact Margo Kinzer Courter 317 696 9954 to discuss further.

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