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Margo Kinzer Courter, Speech-Language Pathologist, founded Courter Communications, LLC in August, 2003. In her 27 years of practice, she has refined her tools for effective communication skills in a variety of setting.  She is passionate about helping each individual speaker reach his or her potential.  Through her corporate consulting, she works with individuals and corporations to enhance skills needed for effective communication in the workplace.  Her clinic work specializes in speech and language disorders and the impact on learning and academic success through a unique approach of using materials from the student's academic setting to target speech and language goals.  She consults with schools regarding individual students as well as organizational changes to better support students with language disorders. She is the author of Here's How Children Learn Speech and Language from Plural Publishing. She is also a national presenter through Courter Communications,  the Bureau of Education & Research and the Institute for Educational Development.  She previously served as the Director of Organizational Services for Children's Specialty Hospital and Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Midwest Academy in Carmel, IN.

Morgan Geise, Speech-Language Pathologist - Clinical Fellow, began as a student assistant with us in August 2014 and joined the practice full time in June, 2017 upon completion of her master's degree.  She has special interest in language based learning disorders including early childhood, social/pragmatic language, autism spectrum disorder, selective mutism, and sensory feeding disorders.   She comes to us as a published researcher (Johnson, M. (2015). Teacher Perceptions of Elementary Students with an Articulation Disorder of Varying Degrees. Retrieved from Butler University Undergraduate Thesis ( Morgan completed her master's capstone on selective mustism.  Morgan is also a national presenter.

Brett Beavers, Speech-Language Pathologist, spent her junior and senior year of undergraduate as an intern and assistant.  She also provided an intensive summer reading program for two summers.  Brett assists with after school groups.

Lily Lannon, Speech-Language Pathologist, spent the summers during undergraduate years at Indiana University assisting with our camps.  Lily assists with our after school programs.
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